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This is a complete 101 discussion specifically written for my students, but this would be helpful for anyone to get a headstart with the C# WinForms application.

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In 2020 .Net Core for Windows Forms applications (WinForms) which is overwhelming right?. In past, the only option was to use to develop WinForm applications for macOS. Well, the sad truth is, still the only option is to use Mono for macOS and Linux😔.

According to Olia Gavrysh, senior program manager at Microsoft, “ Windows Forms will remain Windows-only platform, so those features won’t be in Visual Studio for Mac”

But folks, don’t lose your hopes there are much more advantages of using .Net Core for the development. Now you might be wondering what the hell this…

A step-by-step guide to download Gitter room’s messages for your Data Science Project.

Gitter Home Page:

I recently saw freeCodeCamp Gitter Chat, 2015–2017 on Kaggle and this made me curious about how to download a given Gitter chat as a JSON for any Data Science project.

As per the website, Gitter is an open-source instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitLab and GitHub repositories. Using the chat rooms these developers were discussing their problems and solutions for years. For example, the above-mentioned dataset contains over 5 Million messages. …

How to create and deploy an Angular PWA and use Bit to create reusable components

This tutorial uses Bit’s stable version. Bit’s latest beta release (“Bit Harmony”) has changed quite drastically. Find out more about it in the docs .

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are an exciting piece of technology that has the potential of transforming the way we develop web and mobile apps. Today we can see an increase in PWAs where features like offline support and background syncing are the main reasons for its success.

Recently I came across where I could find community-built include in my project. …

Step by step guide for React server-side rendering using the ReactJS.NET library

React SSR ≠ React SC ≠ ReactJS.NET

Traditionally React server-side Rendering (SSR) or is introduced to render React elements in index.html for the initial page load. This allows the user to see something meaningful even before React starts to bootstrap in the browser.

Besides, is also around the corner to render React Components on the server-side on demand. Though it’s still in the experiment stage, it fills the gap with SSR, allowing React running in the browser to dynamically load components rendered on Server.

Finally, ReactJS.NET is a library that combines the best of SSR and SC for .NET. Therefore…

Using sharing options similar to mobile devices across web apps

Have you ever come across the Web Share API? At least many of you may have heard of the term. Web Share API was out there for some time now. However, the initial support for Web Share API was limited to mobile devices.

Recently, Web Share and Web Share API started to support Windows and Chrome OS, making it interesting for Web Developers.

Web Share API — Quick Demo

We can do a quick test of Web Share APIs by following the steps given below to share data with other applications from a web page.

Create, Run, and Monitor ETL with AWS

The ‘dark ages,’ when paper forms and filing cabinets ruled, have passed. Today, it’s the ‘golden age’ in which databases are everywhere, and the technology of tomorrow won’t stop there - it will be the era of decision-making based on data analytics. You’ve probably heard how:

To use data for such decision-making, we can’t use traditional OLTP (Online Transaction…

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Pioneers Bill Inmon, known as the ‘father of data warehousing’ and Ralph Kimball, a thought leader in dimensional data warehousing, have an ongoing debate. According to Kimball: “The data warehouse is nothing more than the union of all data marts”, to which Inmon responds: “You can catch all the minnows in the ocean and stack them together — they still do not make a whale”.

It’s easy to understand distributed system architecture if you are familiar with RMI.

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Why do people study history even though it is not going to help in the future? There could be some hidden advantage and same applies here.

RMI stands for Remote Method Invocation and it allows Java developers to write an object to invoke methods on an object running in another JVM. But here JVM1(we call it client) and JVM2(we call it server) do not communicate directly, there are few layers in between.

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The term data warehouse was introduced in the late 1980s, and big data was introduced around 2005. So how does this alien technology called big data was able to become popular in such a short period of time? Are there any secrets behind? Is the data warehouse concept dead now? Let’s find out all the answers.

The secret behind the term “Big."

The term “Big” is highly subjective. So what you think is big, may not be the same thing that I think is big. Does it make any sense? Well then just read the statistics below,

that global dataspace will grow up to…

The easiest way to build an e-commerce web app using established foundations

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Today, shops have gone digital. You can find many businesses seeking e-commerce platforms to go online. If you plan to provide a personalized e-commerce experience to your customers, most of you might look to develop one from the ground up.

Here, the challenge is that it takes time and effort, delaying the time to market. The good news is, you don’t need to do everything from scratch. There are many Storefronts out there, which you can customize for your needs.

In this article, I will discuss four Storefronts based on React to help you head start your e-commerce journey.

1. Snipcart - Pluggable Shopping Cart for Gatsby and NextJS


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