Best place to complete your Software Engineering internship in SriLanka.

I just completed my Software Engineering internship at Creative Software and I’m writing this article to share my experience and to recommend my juniors why you should choose Creative Software to build-up your skills as a professional Software Engineer. You might be wondering why I’ve emphasized the phrase “professional Software Engineer”. No, it’s not a mistake. It’s because the main objective in including an internship in a particular degree program is to produce professional graduates. It’s neither technical skills nor interpersonal skills which we already have in university lives, but it’s something beyond that and it’s some sort of combination of all interpersonal and technical skills.

Team TrackIT

Being Smart is the key

If somebody asks what the qualifications they are looking for in an intern, my answer is being smart is the key. I’m not a super-intelligent person and I don’t even pretend to be. Knowledge is everywhere right? The only thing you need is to search using the right keywords at the right time.


Working in the industry with totally new technologies is a totally different ballgame. So on the first day itself, I was given a task to perform CRUD operations usingAngular6 and Spring-boot to become familiar with the technologies. With the completion of the task, I was assigned to a real-world project with complete control. One thing I really appreciate is that there was no spoon feeding throughout my internship which pushed me out of my comfort zone and let me learn from debugging. Being on your own might seem intimidating but trust me when I say this, people will literally stop doing whatever they are doing to help you out if needed.

Social-life (Being a people person)

Believe me or not, even I have left my internship at the moment, the minor staff and my teammates still call me via the phone to chat. I think this is something we can earn, which is worth more than money. According to myself, we had that bond because we had the freedom and co-working environment to network with each other. Most importantly we had a number of collaborative events, tech talks during this 6 month period of time and as interns, we got the opportunity to organize these initiatives which improved our social skills.

Enjoying life is important

A typical evening

Wherever we go and whoever we meet it’s a new experience right? I’m a person who love to take challenges and networking with whoever I meet. Because every person knows something I don’t know so why we were not connecting with them and add some new knowledge to our database? And trust me, having a chat with someone while sipping a cup of coffee is so much fun.

What I really admire about CreativeSoftware

As an intern, we should definitely prioritize education even we are working full time in the industry. Multitasking is something I don’t prefer but in some stages, multitasking can be the only option. If you are a person who has lectures on weekends and doing a full-time internship on your weekdays’ Creative Software is a place which gives you the flexibility to manage both your studies and extracurricular activities. I really admire this because during my internship I have completed,

SEO Foundation in Linkedin Learning

CS50 in Havard University

cPanel Professional Certification in cPanel University

Participated in more than 5 local/international conferences in Sri Lanka.

Volunteered/Organized more than 10 meetups and events as an international member of IEEE, LKNOG, and GDG.

Visited university lectures every weekend.


Selected as top10 innovative startups in INSL Sri Lanka

Won 4th place at JUMPSTART - 2019 grand finale.


Without the help, freedom, and flexibility that was available to me at my company, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this much in such a short period of time. So, finally, it was a pleasure to work alongside the best people in their domains. It left me with a mindset to always strive to improve my skills and being a creative millennial as the name implies.

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